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A Stray Little Kitten Finds Its Way Into A Man’s House And Becomes His Best Friend

Jo was walking his dog outdoors on a Sunday morning when he came upon a small kitten wandering the streets alone. His father instincts quickly kicked in at that point. He realized he had to do something to assist the beleaguered kitty. Jo called the cat Leo and took him home with her.

Credit: Funniestanimals

“I felt he was going to die if I didn’t do anything,” Jo explained. “He barely fit in the palm of my hand when I found him. He was very little. I immediately headed to the pet store. I ended up walking away with perhaps $300, $500 in merchandise.”

Credit: Funniestanimals

Jo inquired of everyone and learned that Leo was two weeks old and had been adopted from a stray cat colony in his area. The kitten was the smallest in the litter and was abandoned. He was absolutely cheerful and unfazed when Jo discovered him. Leo seems to appreciate the fact that he was protected and cherished.

Credit: Funniestanimals

“Everything piqued his curiosity. Everything piqued his interest. He was constantly hungry! I attempted to fit it in around my meals. We’d have a meal together for breakfast. We’d meet together for lunch. We accomplished everything as a team.”

Credit: Funniestanimals

Jo refuses to let Leo alone, so he accompanies him wherever he goes. “Even though he is an adult, he still acts like a kitten. He’s adorable. Leo is a very loving person. He’s really daring, and he has a very chubby personality.”

To learn how Leo altered Jo’s life, watch the video below:

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