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Kitten Rescued From A Blizzard Enjoys Being Held And Cuddled

Tiffany, a Michigan Humane field agent, was driving when she noticed a little gray animal trembling along the interstate median. As she came closer, she noticed a kitty curled in the snow and mud on an orange plastic bag.

Credit: Michigan Humane’s

Tiffany came to a complete halt in her automobile and scooped up the trembling cat. It nestled into her for warmth as soon as she put it in the car. The kitten had amazingly survived despite being on a busy and hazardous road.

Credit: Michigan Humane’s

“He was in good form, other from being chilly!” The Dodo spoke with Anna Chrisman, media manager at Michigan Humane. “And he was ecstatic to be going somewhere warm and receiving so many pets.” He started purring right after he was rescued and hasn’t stopped since!”

Lodge’s rescue may be seen in this video:

Lodge, a 4-month-old shorthaired cat with huge, expressive eyes, has won the hearts of everyone at the Detroit shelter. The cat’s individuality began to flourish once he understood he was protected. He’s a cuddle bug who enjoys being hugged and cuddled. Lodge hasn’t had enough love and attention since being rescued: “Lodge is a nice and gentle cat with a bit of a feisty streak,” Chrisman added. “He likes to be held and play!” says the mother.

Credit: Michigan Humane’s

Lodge is seeking for a forever home at the shelter. They’re looking through adoption applications to find him the finest home possible. But, no matter where he goes, his new family will undoubtedly be delighted to receive plenty of hugs and kisses from him.

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