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Take A Look At This Adorable Cat Sleeping Flat On His Back

Chata, Chata, Chata, Chat I’d have so much fun giving this kitten nicknames! Animal stars on Instagram are on the increase, and this beautiful munchkin kitten is no exception!

Chata is a calico cat with short legs and a preference for sleeping flat on his back. Yup. Yes, you read that correctly. When he sleeps, this adorable kitten looks so much like a human, or perhaps it’s more correct to say he looks like the cartoon Snoopy than a real person.

Regardless, he’s as adorable as can be, and his adorableness has taken over Instagram. Chata lives in Japan with his sister Chava, and despite the fact that Chata is just a year old, the couple has amassed over 102k Instagram followers! 😱


1. Sibling cuddles are the best cuddles!


2. Check it out! He sits too!😂


3. The flat back sleepin cat!



I aspire to meet this kitten’s level of comfort with the world!! He’s sure got it down pat!

Belly in the air, with his pink paws outstretched at his sides, it’s safe to say he doesn’t have a single worry in the universe.

4. Excuse me…But can a kitty get a nap?




5. It doesn’t get any cozier than that!


6. I’m with Chata, it’s time to catch some z’s😴

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