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Although September 1st is designated as Ginger Cat Appreciation Day, I believe that adoring ginger cats should be done every day. Millions of cat lovers throughout the world have fallen in love with these sociable felines, and anybody who has ever loved one knows how wonderful they are.

Credit: starfish_lajicat on Instagram

I was quickly captivated by one lively and wonderfully gorgeous ginger cat from Sheffield, UK, the moment I saw his photo. Not only is he the prettiest thing ever, but his name is exactly as adorable as he is!

I tracked down his owner, and happily, they agreed to let me highlight tiny Mr. Starfish for the benefit of all Cattitude Daily readers…

Credit: starfish_lajicat on Instagram

What brought Starfish into your life?

For a long time, we wanted a cat but were unsure if we could take the responsibility. Starfish was part of a litter of five, and his family couldn’t care for them all, so they were seeking for new homes online. I fell in love with his photo right away and knew I wanted to get him!

Credit: starfish_lajicat on Instagram

Starfish has such a distinct appearance; do you know what breed he is?

To this day, I’m still trying to figure out what breed he is! When I picked him up, I noticed his mother, but they didn’t have the father cat with them. Starfish is a domestic longhair combined with some type of ‘posh’ breed, which we don’t know what that breed is, but he is still the cutest wee thing ever, according to the doctor.

Credit: starfish_lajicat on Instagram

What is the origin of the name Starfish?

I saw a star-shaped birthmark on his face in the first photo I saw of him. I determined right then and then that his name would be Starfish!!

Credit: starfish_lajicat on Instagram

What kind of personality does he have?

He has spent his entire life surrounded by people and enjoys the attention he receives. When he doesn’t see anyone around him, he makes a lot of noise, and he hugs and purrs us awake every morning. He’s not a bashful cat at all, which I admire.

Credit: starfish_lajicat on Instagram

Is he sharing his home with any other cats or dogs?

No, however we had previously assisted a friend in caring for her cat Leo. He was a shy cat, but Starfish was always wanting to socialize and play with him, so Leo had no option but to warm up to him, and the two of them spent the entire day together!

Credit: starfish_lajicat on Instagram

What are some of his favorite pastimes?

On his blanket beside the window, he enjoys cooking cookies!! He usually purrs so loudly while he’s creating biscuits, so we know when he’s doing it!!

Credit: starfish_lajicat on Instagram

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