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Until They Were Rescued, The Little Dog Kept An Eye On His Kitten

Some people believe that dogs and cats can’t be pals, yet Morticia and Gomez managed to persuade a whole stadium of people in only one day. A Good Samaritan discovered a little dog and a black kitten snuggled together between two portable toilets at Hampton Soccer Park in Hampton, Virginia, earlier this week. A bystander decided to draw attention to the unique couple by sharing their location on the private social networking site Nextdoor. A group of animal enthusiasts went to the soccer facility, where they discovered the bonded couple still cowering in the grass, frozen in place.

Credit: Lost & Found Pets of Hampton Roads

Getting the two to safety, on the other hand, would be more difficult than they had anticipated. Gomez, a 2-year-old Chihuahua, was adamant about defending the kitten at any costs. “Totally entwined… “We have phoned animal control and are waiting for them since the dog is snarling if we approach too close,” a Good Samaritan said on social media. “Right now, three of us are keeping an eye on them.” The two were finally taken to a nearby shelter and given time to find their owners.

Credit: Lost & Found Pets of Hampton Roads

“They appeared so terrified in the photo that it caught our attention,” Ertugrul told The Dodo. “We tend to prefer the terrified ones because they don’t comprehend what you’re trying to do when you’re trying to assist.” Ertugrul couldn’t get the thought of the linked animals out of her head, especially since she knew they’d be separated at the shelter. “It’s against protocol at most shelters to mix dogs and cats for safety reasons, so we knew they’d be separated,” Ertugrul added. “Their condition kept us up at night, thinking about how they were doing without each other.”

Credit: Lost & Found Pets of Hampton Roads

With linked animals, Ertugrul realized that physical protection was not the only consideration — psychological well-being was also crucial. Worse, she knew the shelter wouldn’t be able to find a home for the 10-month-old cat and her guard dog at the same time. “Most shelters are unable to compel bonded pairings to be adopted together,” Ertugrul explained. “They’re there to save lives, and holding on to a pair that would take a long time to find a home together would put the lives of others in jeopardy.”

As a result, she made the decision to make room for the couple as soon as they were freed and locate them a house together. Fortunately for Gomez and Morticia, shelter personnel didn’t want to separate the interspecies couple either, so they planned playdates in a conference room where they were always glad to see each other. Now that the animals are happily living together in a foster home, it’s evident how strong their attachment is. “At first, Gomez raced up to the foster’s black cats, assuming one of them was Morticia, and you could feel his regret when he learned it wasn’t,” Ertugrul added.

Credit: Lost & Found Pets of Hampton Roads

When they’re finally together, their effervescent personalities come through, despite the fact that they’re both gentle and loving toward others. “When Gomez first meets someone, he is shy, but he warms up soon. When Morticia is there, he really opens up,” Ertugrul noted. “When they meet people together, they are both happier and more outgoing than when they meet people individually.” After they’ve been spayed and neutered, they’ll begin looking for a home that will keep them together indefinitely.

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