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Kitten Comforts Himself By Clinging To The Collar Of His Deceased Dog Companion

The loss of a dog buddy grieved a cat, contrary to preconceptions about his species’ apparent antagonism with dogs. As a result, it’s not surprising that when he discovered his departed companion’s jewelry, he had the most touching reaction that has left many people in tears.

It’s never easy to lose a pet; not only do their human parents mourn this irreplaceable loss, but his furry buddies are also befuddled when they wake up and don’t recognize their adventure partner.

Zeus and Sam were inseparable, but Zeus’s heart, which had been broken for years by the death of his loyal buddy, was destroyed two months ago.

Credit: @emmacatanzarite

After Sam’s death, the kitten suffered terribly, but he was reminded of his friend’s presence a few days ago when he discovered the puppy’s collar.

And how tough it is to convey to a furry small boy that his adventure companion, his life brother, is no longer alive, inside his sensitivity and innocence. They’re like children, which is why the small one was overjoyed when she discovered the necklace.

Without more ado, Zeus sprawled out on the ground and began sniffing his friend’s clothes, as if Sam had given him a special message from the canine sky.

Credit: @emmacatanzarite

Many people believe that the connection between cats and dogs may be quite tumultuous, but Zeus and Sam defied the stereotype that these two animals have a negative relationship by discovering a tremendous affinity in their differences, regardless of their temperaments. to make friendships stronger

Emma observes that Zeus adored snuggling with Sam and that seeing them play was the ideal blend of compassion and torture, since tormenting Sam was one of Zeus’ favorite pastimes.

Credit: @emmacatanzarite

Despite the fact that the mischievous cat taunted Sam, the puppy never attacked him; on the contrary, he was quite patient of his feline friend’s unusual pranks, which was a lovely way of expressing him his unconditional love.

Zeus’ heart was clearly crushed following the puppy’s death, and he meowed disconsolately day and night as if he were hunting for him.

Zeus was sniffing a shelf where Sam’s jewelry was hidden, and when he found it, he couldn’t stop sniffing it, as if reconnecting with his adventure buddy.

Seeing Zeus so delighted with the necklace was a more than memorable moment for his relatives, even if they don’t know if the fact that he discovered the necklace would help him mend his heart.

Credit: @emmacatanzarite

We realize that these two very different individuals will never be able to recreate such lovely moments, but we are confident that Zeus will always remember the patient puppy that was always there for him. True friends never forget one other, and now Zeus knows where to go for him when he misses him and wants to remember him by smelling him.

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