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A Kitten With Four Ears And One Eye Finds A Forever Family

Frankie is a nickname for Frankenkittens. When Georgi and her family first discovered Frankie, he was just a kitten. Georgi looked after him for a brief while before transporting them to the Geelong Animal Welfare Society (GAWS) in Victoria, Australia, for Frankie’s operation.

Frankie, pictured with his owner, Georgi

Credit: Catsonparadise

Frankie was plagued by a severely infected eye, as well as four ears and a slew of other issues. Georgi brought the cat home after his operation, and she realized right away that Frankie had something unique, and she couldn’t bear to let him go.

“The extra ears are a genetic deformity, as is his overbite”.

Credit: Catsonparadise

Arthur, Georgi’s small son, has become Frankie’s best buddy. They’re inseparable, and they seem to be getting along swimmingly since entering each other’s lives.

Georgi spent hours on an eyepatch that would stay on his head.

Credit: Catsonparadise

Cuteness overload.

Credit: Catsonparadise

Frankie is a very cuddly cat, and loves making people happy.

Credit: Catsonparadise

Frankie shows everybody love and affection all the while he continues his healing process.

Credit: Catsonparadise

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