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Barnaby The Cat Never Has A Bad Hair Day; His Fluffy Coat Is Always In Good Shape

Have you ever had one of those days where your hair simply won’t cooperate? Or do you have the type of hair that has its own mind and leaves you in a tangled mess? Barnaby the cat understands your anguish! But while we try to tame our wild locks, Barnaby should avoid doing anything to tame his wild Persian fur! He’s simply purrfect the way he is!

Barnaby is distinguished from his flat-faced cousins by the scrumptiously scruffy way his coat fluffs and the huge tufts of fur that poof up like little wings from behind his ears. Persians are known for their long and lovely fur, and Barnaby certainly has a lot of it as his breed dictates, but what sets him apart from his flat-faced cousins is the scrumptiously scruffy way his coat fluffs and

Credit: @barnaby_persian/Instagram

Barnaby may be one of the Sleepy Cats and Dogs Caught with Adorable Bedhead you’re familiar with. That face is just too cute to forget! But who exactly is Barnaby the cat?

Barnaby is a cat who makes the most of every day, noting in a Q&A with CatCon, “Whether I’m enjoying a ten-hour snooze, or watching dust drift, I’m always extremely occupied.”

Barnaby is hard at work defending the stairwell…

Credit: @barnaby_persian/Instagram

The busy child must keep an eye on the yard and ensure that the birds are being monitored…

Credit: @barnaby_persian/Instagram

He updates his Instagram followers, continually assuring them that he’s never had “ear fluff extensions” work done! It’s all natural fluff for him!

Credit: @barnaby_persian/Instagram

Then there’s lying down and napping…

Credit: @barnaby_persian/Instagram

Then it’s time for another snooze, oh no!

Credit: @barnaby_persian/Instagram

Barnaby manages to cram everything into his day. Barnaby must have some feline magic to help him through his hectic schedule.

Credit: @barnaby_persian/Instagram

Barnaby has stray fur since he was a kitten, making him the scruffiest little doll. Now that he’s grown up, this adorable five-year-old is almost king of the castle. “He naps on my chair during the day, so if I want to sit down, I have to sit on the floor,” his mother told Bored Panda of Barnaby’s royal ways.

Credit: @barnaby_persian/Instagram

“He’s a spoilt brat who sleeps for roughly 20 hours a day.”

Barnaby wouldn’t be able to accomplish all of this catting without the support of his mother, father, and two older sisters. They kept him in excellent shape, and until recently, the lovely Persian cat was the family’s “only kitty” who received all of their care. Barnaby’s big brother now lives with a gorgeous and fluffy little sister. “Barnaby wasn’t as friendly,” he said, despite his family’s enthusiasm for the newcomer’s arrival.

Credit: @barnaby_persian/Instagram

Barnaby even promotes the concept, saying, “Being an only kid is so underestimated.”

Despite his sarcasm, he adores his younger sister. But only on his terms. Barnaby, on the other hand, spends his life in this manner, with his mother even stating, “He only loves to be patted when he’s in the mood.” He is adored by us.”

We adore him, as well as his crazy fur!

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