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Cat Always Appears Surprised, As If He Can’t Believe How Adorable He Is

Don’t be fooled by Fedya the cat’s shocked expression. Fedya knows how much we all adore him, with over 35,000 Instagram followers, 240,000 TikTok admirers, and a total of 3 million TikTok likes. While he appears surprised by the news, he isn’t. This particular cat is well aware of his popularity, but it doesn’t bother him. Fedya is a kind and friendly cat that appreciates his human and feline family.

Fedya, on the other hand, had a rocky start in life. His future appeared gloomy, orphaned and sick as a kitten. With plenty of love and care from his loving family, this fragile kitten grew into a charming and clever cat with a distinct appearance.

Credit: @fedja_kot/Instagram

Fedya’s sister grew up strong and quickly found a home, but Fedya struggled. Not only was the kitten boy unwell and had weak rear legs, but he also had an unusual pair of eyes and ears, giving him a perpetual surprised or startled expression. He had a changed look, yet he was still as adorable as ever.

Credit: @fedja_kot/Instagram

“We’re not sure if it’s a hereditary defect or if his mother abandoned him as a kitten,” Natalia explained.

While the cause for his appearance remained a mystery, the fact that Fedya was a sick kitten was obvious.

Natalia stated, “He was really weak and dying.”

Credit: @fedja_kot/Instagram

Natalia took fantastic care of him and had the greatest helper to assist her. Handsome, who was still a kitten at approximately 6 months old, would come over from a neighbor’s house to support Fedya in his struggle for survival.

“Handsome kissed and washed Fedya, becoming almost a father figure to him.”

Credit: @fedja_kot/Instagram

Fedya was soon on the mend, thanks to Natalia and Handsome, going from feeble to robust. Because the two cats had such a strong relationship, Handsome moved in with his former neighbors, whom he now considers family. That choice thrilled young Fedya since “he is inseparable with Handsome.”

Credit: @fedja_kot/Instagram

“This is how this tiny touching cat family was established!” Natalia told Bored Panda.

Happy Cat’s Purpose Remains Unsolved
Fedya, while being considerably stronger than he was as a kitten, still suffers from allergies, according to his mother, who says, “His eyes are moist and his nose is clogged.”

Credit: @fedja_kot/Instagram

Fedya is a joyful person, despite the fact that the reason of his ailments has yet to be established. His unique appearance remains a mystery, but what do we know for sure? Fedya is really adorbs!

Credit: @fedja_kot/Instagram
Credit: @fedja_kot/Instagram
Credit: @fedja_kot/Instagram

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