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Lower Your Blood Pressure By Watching This Video Of A Kitten Getting A Face Massage

I enjoy having massages, but who doesn’t? Allowing your body to relax to the point of’melting’ into a cloud is a wonderful method to release tension. And watching cat videos is something I enjoy even more. So I had to click on the link when I saw a video of a small little cat receiving a facial massage on my news feed.

Because they were bragging about how much fun it was to merely watch the kitten face massage video.
They were not mistaken.

The purr of a cat has been scientifically confirmed to have therapeutic powers and can truly repair bones, muscles, and tendons.

Credit: Marmalade Sleeping Bleep

The 16-second video features a cute ginger cat receiving a facial massage. It’s accompanied with a soothing pan flute lullaby. Just remember to dial down the volume before pressing play; you’ve been warned!

If you didn’t notice it, there’s a cherry on top of the sundae at the end. I’ll admit that the mesmerized kitten’s face and mouth smoosh elicited an immediate ‘awwww’ from me. Then I pressed the ‘Replay Video’ button and watched it at least two more times. LOL

Thank you to the video’s original uploader and r/aww for hosting such high-quality content. It’s just what the world requires. Now I’m heading to massage a few of kitty faces!

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