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The Tiniest Kitten Won’t Let Her New Family Leave Her Alone

When Natalie Cocks and her partner learned about a family who had an unwanted litter of kittens, they decided they were ready to adopt and traveled to the house to claim one, a little 5-week-old cat named Wildfire. Unfortunately, the kittens’ living conditions were less than optimal, and the couple was concerned for the safety of the remaining four.

“We were chatting to my girlfriend’s sister about how scared we were about the rest of them but didn’t have the room or resources to house them,” Cocks told The Dodo.


The pair was able to focus on getting Wildfire acclimated into her new life after assuring that all of the kittens were secure and would have loving permanent homes. Wildlife was enamored with her new parents from the time they brought her home, and she decided she had to follow them everywhere.

“She despises being alone and will weep for hours if we aren’t around,” Cocks explained. “She never leaves our side and is constantly looking for someone to be with.” For example, I moved from the bedroom to the kitchen without her noticing, and when she realized I wasn’t there, she began wailing.”

Wildfire feels indebted to her new family for rescuing her, and as a result, she is waning.


Cocks’ girlfriend was having a shower one day, and Wildfire decided that she needed to be right there with her — so she jumped in as well. Cocks worried whether Wildfire would start doing the same thing with her after hearing the story, and the next time she went to take a shower, Wildfire was ready.

The small cat stepped into the shower with caution, stretching towards her mother and pleading for attention. She didn’t mind the water as long as she didn’t have to deal with it frequently.

“She seemed unconcerned about the water. She’d cheerfully stroll in and out provided I was covering most of the stream, but she wasn’t so keen if the shower was totally on her,” Cocks says.

Cocks had a feeling this wouldn’t be the last time Wildfire attempted to join in on shower time.

“I have to keep the shower door closed or she’ll follow me in every time — but if it’s closed, she’ll stand there and attempt to open it the entire time we’re in there,” Cocks explained.

Wildfire is overjoyed that her new parents have accepted her into their family, and she would go to any length to be with them at all times, even if it means getting a bit wet.

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