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Through The Window, A Wild Fox Befriends A Little Kitten

Jennifer Rutter loves looking out the windows of her London home at the animals. But she’s had a pretty unique visitor since February.

Rutter’s window ledge is frequented by a brazen little fox that enjoys sunbathing.

Rutter told The Dodo, “I see that fox virtually every day, and she’s a favorite on our block.” “From their bedroom windows, the youngsters keep an eye out for her.”


Rutter isn’t bothered by living next to a wild fox, especially because the vixen is so well-behaved. Rutter described her as “very nice and sensitive.” “Apart from the garbage she leaves in my garden, [she steps] off the pavement to allow others to pass, and she’s really welcome!”

The fox even brings Rutter presents and leaves them on her porch. Rutter added, “It’s brought me so many ‘presents.” “A bag of rotting limes, a bunch of chicken drumsticks, a single sausage, a miniature toy car – bread appears to be a favorite.”


Until last week, when Rutter’s cat, Dodo, chose to make a new buddy, no one had personally met with the wild fox.

Dodo was in the home office with her mother when the fox came at the window. The fearless tiny cat leaped at the chance to play with the wild fox right away.


Rutter said, “Dodo was on my knee, and I pointed the fox out to her.” “She sprang up to the glass and drew the fox’s attention, and I began filming. I’d never seen them communicate before, and seeing them mimic each other was very emotional.”

Here’s a link to the heartwarming moment:

Dodo pawed at the window and gave small chirps of greeting, and then the patient fox went about her work in the woods.

“The fox appeared interested and playful to me, not threatening,” Rutter added. “It was as though Dodo had interrupted her and she was politely paying attention to the infant cat.”

Rutter and Dodo are looking forward to the fox’s next visit and can’t wait to see what gifts she gives them.

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