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When A Kitten Realizes She’s Being Watched, She’s Not Happy

Graycie is no exception to the rule that no one enjoys being caught doing anything wrong.

Except when it comes to food, the kitten is normally well-behaved and affectionate. “Graycie is very gregarious, kind, caring, and food-driven,” Allison, Graycie’s mother, told The Dodo, declining to provide her last name. “If we don’t keep an eye out for her, she’ll leap up onto the table and have her own feast.”


Graycie and her sister Maggie were adopted by Allison and her family when their two senior cats died. With their naughty antics, the tiny kittens have brought pleasure back into their lives, making things a whole lot more amusing.


Maggie is enamored with her father’s colored pencils, whereas Graycie is enamored with food.

“We call her Maggie the Magpie because she likes to grab pencils and other little items from my husband’s desk and tote them around the house,” Allison explained. “At this point, she’s essentially swiped his whole Prismacolor pencil collection.”

The kittens like to sleep in the basement at night, so their vigilant parents installed an old baby monitor to keep an eye on them. And it doesn’t take long for them to capture one of the kittens behaving badly.


Allison explained, “We first utilized the monitor for our kid.” “After kids go to bed, we like to turn it on to check on them and see how they’re doing.”

Allison discovered Graycie taking her sister’s food one night and chastised her through the microphone on the baby monitor. Graycie isn’t like of getting caught in the act, and she expressed her displeasure on tape.


“I turned on the monitor and saw her eating from her sister’s food dish, so I shouted, ‘Graycie!’ and she whirled around and bolted,” Allison explained. “I believed she went to the litter, so I scanned the area for her, and that’s when I noticed that face.”

She went on to say, “She proceeded to swat at the camera a few times and then simply sat and gazed at it bewildered.”


The kittens have learnt to accept the baby monitor as long as it remains silent. Allison explained, “They don’t seem to worry about it unless we put it on and communicate to them over the speaker.” “They don’t mind as long as no one is talking to them.”

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