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When A Woman Goes Out For Taco Bell, She Comes Home With A Kitten

Michelle Zack and her boyfriend stopped through a Taco Bell drive-thru in Florida the other night for a quick snack.

But, much to the couple’s amazement, they’d leave with a lot more than their order.


After bringing the car into the drive-thru lane, Zack noticed something on the ground outside.

“I spotted this small black kitty as I was pulling up to the speaker to order,” Zack told The Dodo.

Countless others had very likely walked by the kitten while ordering their food and went on their way without pausing to help. Michelle was not going to be one of them.

“My partner knew I was going to try to befriend this kitty,” Zack explained.

That’s just what she did.


Little Black Bean Chalupa went to a rescue this morning to get what he needs done to be adopted 🥺

♬ original sound – Michelle

She resumed her position with the small cat on her lap after Zack had taken him up and carried him inside the car.

“I got back on track with our meal orders,” Zack explained. “At first, I had no idea what I was going to do with him, but I couldn’t leave him there, especially when he agreed to let me pick him up.”

As a result, Zack and her boyfriend brought the cat home with them, named him Black Bean.


Zack’s action to save a stray cat may have looked insignificant, but it was a watershed moment for Black Bean.

Everything changed for him that evening.


“When I came home, I contacted my buddy Dani, who is the founder of The Runaways Animal Rescue,” Zack explained. “I took tiny Black Bean there the next morning to start a more comfortable existence.”


It’s unknown how Black Bean got himself alone in the drive-thru where he was discovered, but one thing is certain: he’s happy Zack and her boyfriend showed up at the right time.

With any hope, he’ll be adopted into his own loving family soon. And Zack is well aware that Black Bean is certain to make a family extremely happy.

She described him as “the sweetest little kitty.”

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