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The World’s Most Difficult Cat Constantly Terrifies Its Owners and Steals Food

We all know that pets prefer the folks who provide them with the most food. They never bite the hand that feeds them, whether it’s a cat or a dog. At the very least, not all of them. Many times, an animal’s drive for food outweighs all other considerations.

Credit: The Dodo

Trekie, a cat, goes to extremes when it comes to eating, according to a recent video shared online. It eats anything its owners, Greg and Kayla, prepare. Worse, it constantly terrorizes them over food, taking bits and pieces since he is exceedingly greedy. He doesn’t have any medical issues; he’s just greedy and worried about eating.

Credit: The Dodo

Trekie may be seen digging his teeth into food cartons or attempting to steal a piece of meat from the kitchen in all of the footage. When Greg and Kayla try to stop it, they pay the price. They are fatigued by his voracious appetite for food and frequently lock him in the toilet while eating.

Credit: The Dodo

Thousands of people enjoy his antics, which have been carefully chronicled online. Have you ever seen a cat as greedy than Trekie? We certainly haven’t done so.

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