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For His Unusual Extreme Solidarity, A Shelter Kitty Is Sent In Solitary Confinement

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that kittens are all dangerously clever. Some believe they will be able to rule the entire planet, but for the time being, Quilty, a little feline, is focused on rescuing his buddies from the shelter.

Credit: Free_quilty

He’s bashful and cute during the day, but at night he proves he’s prepared to bend the rules. Every night since coming to Friends for Life Animal Rescue has been an experience. The shelter’s doors are locked at the end of the day, ensuring that each animal remains in its cage, but Quilty is unaffected.

“I prefer to open doors that are closed to me.” When I see one, it makes me feel pushed, and I work hard until I achieve.”

Credit: Free_quilty

Quilty, for example, lives in a huge room with other cats and has determined that nights are the best time to explore. He’s been apprehended several times, but each time he manages to open the door and liberate all of his colleagues. He doesn’t appear to give a damn about his own liberty. The most crucial thing is to let the others go by opening the door.

Credit: Free_quilty

This isn’t the first time the adorable kitty has demonstrated his abilities. He caused various difficulties in his former home when he opened the front door to let a dog in. However, at the shelter, they have chosen to take even more “aggressive” tactics, such as making him an Instagram celebrity so that everyone knows who he is and falls in love with his hilarious demeanor.

“Quilty’s case has been rejected a re-examination. We’ll need to put him in isolation. He displays no remorse for his misdeeds.”

Credit: Free_quilty

While this is going on, the other kittens are missing their mate. After all, nocturnal travels provide them the opportunity to explore the whole sanctuary and cause a slew of trouble. This is an absolutely stunning kitten with a strong desire to open doors and be utterly attractive.

“I am a smart, active person who is also a terrific friend.”

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