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They Destroyed Their House’s Floor In An Attempt To Save Their Kitten Who Was Meowing For Help

Vannah Vercetti lives in Weslaco, Texas, and has a strong passion for cats, thus she has numerous of them. However, tremendous rains in Texas have created major flooding over the state’s southern coast, putting the lives of many of the animals and humans who live there in jeopardy.

Credit: Vannah Vercetti

The couple decided to put all of their cats in a safe spot to avoid the flood, but one wicked cat opted to hide beneath the home and was unable to escape due to the current of the water. When the kitten began to weep, the family recognized what had happened:

“I could hear her heartbreaking sobs.” “I couldn’t take it any longer.”

Credit: Vannah Vercetti

Vannah did all she could from outside her house, and when she ran out of options, she went inside and saw her husband hammering the hardwood floor to save the cat and gain access to her through the hole.

Credit: Vannah Vercetti

Vannah was so upset in the video that she threatened to take one of her kittens and put it to a horrible death.

“Please accept my apologies for my sobs, gentlemen.” I adore my feline companions. It’s difficult to lose a pet, but losing it to drowning is something I couldn’t accept.”

Credit: Vannah Vercetti

Fortunately, Vannah’s husband was as desperate to save Blanca. After numerous hits to the ground, he manages to shatter it and create a hole through which he can see the kitten’s head and rescue her.

Credit: Vannah Vercetti

Despite the fact that everything was slowly filling up with water, Blanca had managed to find a spot on the ground where she could still get some air. Regardless of the damage to the property, you can see how relieved the kitten’s owners are as the kitten is taken to safety:

“I’d rather have a hole in my house’s floor than a hole in my heart.”

Credit: Vannah Vercetti

The family has now set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to send the kitten to the doctor and repair the damage to their home’s floor. His objective is to save $1,000 in order to cover all of the pets.

Vannah and her husband have ten kittens that live with them after being rescued from the streets.

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