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After 32 Days Under The Ground, He Miraculously Survives Thanks To Someone Hearing His Weak Meows

The Vigili del Fuoco firemen were shocked to hear faint meows while removing rubble generated by a magnitude 6.2 earthquake.

They kept looking among the wreckage until they came upon a long-haired gray and white cat stuck between the stones inside a fallen house.

They couldn’t believe the animal was still alive after being covered in wreckage for so long. The animal’s home, which it had shared with its owners for years, could not resist the earthquake and was severely damaged.

Surprisingly, after 32 days of being imprisoned under concrete, stone, and sand, the cat was still alive.

Rocco is the name of the miraculous cat. After a month had gone after the earthquake, no one expected to find anyone alive beneath the rubble. Rocco, on the other hand, had a great desire to life and did not give up.

Despite being dehydrated, the cat is in excellent health. Nobody knows how it managed to survive in the absence of food or water. But it’s apparent that this clever feline is a savvy one!

When Rocco’s owners finally get their pet cat back, it’s an emotional moment.

The most interesting aspect of this story is that Rocco’s owners were present to oversee the demolition of their home. They had no idea that their much-loved kitty had survived.

They, like many other families who have had the misfortune of experiencing natural calamities, had lost hope. Her pet cat had either run away or died beneath the wreckage of the house.

They had lost all hope and were resigned after 30 days of catastrophe. They were ecstatic when they spotted Rocco. That had to be the most amazing surprise they’d ever gotten.

Rocco appeared to be alright at first inspection, but they didn’t want to take any chances. It was a tragedy to reclaim his beloved cat only to realize that the poor creature had become unwell as a result of his ordeal. As a result, they sent him to a specialist.

Cristiana Graziani, a veterinarian, examined and treated Rocco on the spot. The kitty was exhausted yet cheerful. Rocco felt considerably better after obtaining food and drink, as well as the care and attention of his favorite humans.

Rocco’s owners are overjoyed with his finding. Her tale also serves as a lesson that good can come from bad situations, so never give up hope.

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