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After Being Left Home Alone, He Notices His Cat Screaming From The Camera And Crying 

One of the most difficult decisions an owner who loves his dogs with all of his heart must make is whether or not to leave them alone at home.

And, as much as we’d like to be able to carry them everywhere with us, the fact is that this isn’t always possible. Many pets must endure hours or days – which might feel endless – without their human parents, whether because of work or because humans must go away for holidays.

Credit: Meng

It was the story of Fu Fu, a crying kitty that lives in the Chinese city of Xuzhou with his adoring owner, Meng.

Meng would travel to his parents’ house for the Chinese Lunar New Year and would be gone for eight days, unable to take his cat with him. Despite the fact that she was bound to feel terrible about it, he made sure she had adequate food and drink.

Credit: Meng

He had opted not to wear it because he was concerned that he would not adjust to his parents’ environment. And, because kittens are quite independent, it’s critical not to separate them from their environment. Meng believed he was acting ethically.

However, he was able to see his kitten’s reaction through the webcam one day, and his heart shattered in two.

Do you miss me, Fu Fu? In a few days, I’ll be back!” Meng may be heard conversing with his cat.

Credit: Meng

The cat meows and purrs nonstop in the video, despite the fact that he hardly hears his owner’s speech. He then glances at the door to check whether its owner is there, but when he can’t, he returns to the camera and touches it with his paw, as if that action will magically return her home.

Credit: Meng

The terrible moments captured on February 8 lasted only 17 seconds, but they have already gotten over 200,000 comments on social media and have been seen 8 million times.

Fu Fu can be seen racing towards her owner Meng with unbelievable joy in a second video, and of course, when she chose to stop her vacation and came home four days after the video.

Credit: Meng

“When I saw this, it shattered my heart. I had intended to spend a week at my parents’ place, but I returned early. I couldn’t do anything else “..

Credit: Meng

The networks have been unable to stop reacting to Fu Fu’s terrible sobbing, empathizing with his loneliness and empathizing with how difficult it is to be forced to leave them when there is no other choice.

Credit: Meng

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