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She Travels Many Hours And Flies To See The Cat That Desperately Needs Her Attention

The Escambia County Animal Shelter in Pensacola, Florida, received a little cat and her littermates. They were supposed to be taken to Media, Pennsylvania’s Providence Animal Center. They would once again glimpse the light of a new, better life at that location.

Credit: Escambia County Animal Shelter

Amy Cool, a volunteer from the aforementioned shelter, welcomed the kittens into her womb and took them home while waiting for the transfer to be completed. However, one of the kittens stood out as the most loving of the bunch. Candy Corn, a loving bundle of hair, is her name.

He hopped onto Amy’s shoulders as soon as he got at his new abode and didn’t let go, followed her around. The kitty was happiest when she was with her foster mother.

Credit: Escambia County Animal Shelter

“She was extremely kind and caring to me.” “I’m the sort to want my kittens by my side all the time so I can give them lots of hugs,” Amy explained.

Amy began to miss her cat terribly by the time the kittens were sent to the Providence Animal Center. Candy Corn and her siblings, on the other hand, landed in Pennsylvania safely.

Credit: Escambia County Animal Shelter

Because the litter needed to mature before being adopted, it was placed in foster care with volunteer Linnea Hermanson. In terms of weight, the smallest of the bunch was far behind. He seemed to have favored the love of people over the love of food.

“Most of the time, he’d ignore the meal and follow me or crawl onto my lap instead. “I just wasn’t interested whether I could catch the attention of the adoptive mother (or father),” Hermanson stated.

Credit: Escambia County Animal Shelter

Linnea left the cat alone in the room to attempt to persuade him to focus on eating. But then she reappeared, accompanied by Candy Corn, who was waiting for her outside the house’s front door.

Meanwhile, Amy, who was utterly smitten with her adorable pussy in Florida, couldn’t stop thinking about her.

“I’ve reared roughly 20 cats and kittens,” Amy said, “but Candy Corn was plainly meant for me.”

Credit: Escambia County Animal Shelter

The kitten continued hunting for someone to embrace in the house as the woman called the shelter. He moved from place to place, climbing on his adoptive parents as well as his dog brothers with whom he shared a home.

She was old enough to be sterilized in late October, and she began preparing to return to her rightful home. Amy chose to adopt her and traveled three hours to New Orleans before flying to Philadelphia for four hours.

Credit: Escambia County Animal Shelter

The kitten clung to its beloved person as fiercely as it could when they eventually met face to face. He immediately recognized Amy’s room and all of her old toys when he arrived at the house, pleased to be back in her warm and loving permanent home.

Credit: Escambia County Animal Shelter

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