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They Save A Kitten Who Was Set To Be Put Down Due To An Extra Chromosome

We still live in a society where people with disabilities are treated differently or unfairly, notwithstanding how far we’ve come in certain areas.

This is not limited to humans; some pets require significantly more affection and attention from their owners due to a medical condition or an accident.

Credit: Meetmayacat

In most situations, these animals with a different ailment are just killed, which ironically reduces their chances of finding a much-needed home. Maya is a one-of-a-kind cat who has spent much of her life on the streets.

Credit: Meetmayacat

They took her to a shelter, where it didn’t take long for them to see that she wasn’t like the other kittens. Her eyes are a little wider apart, and she has a perplexed or sorrowful expression on her face at times.

Fortunately, this is only her “appearance,” as she is a sweet young girl with a lot of love to share with the world.

On Instagram, he says, “We want to show the world the beauty of being different.”

Credit: Meetmayacat

Maya’s only choice, they reasoned, would be to sacrifice her in that haven. Fortunately, her story reached the ears of the Odd Cat Sanctuary’s rescuers.

For many years, they have specialized in gorgeous cats with particular skills, and their credo is that they should never give up.

Credit: Meetmayacat

They rushed in, trying to save Maya from the worst possible outcome. They arrived on schedule, and within a few hours, they were utterly smitten with her.

The adorable cat was taken to the veterinarian, who confirmed that her health was in good shape for a little girl who had spent so much time on the streets.

Credit: Meetmayacat

His only issue was that their eyes crossed from time to time, and he acted strangely at times. Maya had been born with an extra chromosome, which explained everything, according to a battery of tests. They finally discovered the right family after a long search.

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