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When A Cat Plays Hide And Seek, He Is Confident That No One Can See Him

It takes a lot of courage to save a cat from the indignity of the streets. It’s natural for them to be hesitant and wary at first, but with enough time, care, and love, they will undoubtedly become indispensable members of your family.

Credit: Dani Baker

Dani Barker, Keanu’s human mother, discovered him in an industrial warehouse where she worked when he was just a few days old. He started off rough and timid, but gradually transformed into the funniest and most lively ball of hair around.

Keanu Baker’s mother, Dani Baker, stated, “He’s wary for the first five seconds he meets someone, then he instantaneously becomes their greatest buddy.”

Credit: Dani Baker

But, don’t kid yourself: despite his open personality, one of Keanu’s favorite pastimes is hiding from people, although in an unusual way. He claims that no one sees him.

“It hides in many locations. It’s quite inventive: it hides behind the furniture, or in my husband’s chamber, or in the bathtub, constantly peering carefully, as if no one is looking. “We call him, but he doesn’t meow while he’s hiding,” Baker explained.

Credit: Dani Baker

And it is that, in reality, this cat believes he is a true master of escapism, despite the fact that this amusing little lad still needs a great deal of experience. He enjoys chasing and hunting lizards in addition to hiding.

He leaves them alive and undamaged in his shoes, socks, gym bag, human father’s work bag, and even the washing machine once he takes them away.

Credit: Dani Baker

“When he’s not hiding,” Dani Barker said, “Keanu likes to catch lizards and hide them (alive and undamaged) in his father’s shoes, gym bag, job bag, and other places.”

Keanu always finds an increasingly bizarre spot to go unnoticed, whether it’s beneath the toilet bowl, a table, or in the open dishwasher, according to him, on the watch and alert of everything.

Credit: Dani Baker

Although his family has no trouble seeing him, it is evident that this cat is completely unaware. Little Houdini is adamant about keeping his image as a clever magician, and he is persuaded that he is always concealed and that no one sees him. Your justifications will have.

Credit: Dani Baker

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