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When She Requests Her Midnight Snack, Her Cat Is Absolutely Surprised

Nobody can deny that kitties are the rulers of their castles. They’re unique and entertaining pets who always manage to get what they want.

A Chinese furry is a nice illustration of this. Li Bai is a kitty that has earned the moniker “The King of Drama” due to his unusual ability to order midnight food.

His mother can’t say no to the humorous feline since he is so pushy. Li Bai has been owned by Ms. Zhang for a long time. After a few months, the kitten appeared to have a complete comprehension of how things worked in his environment and found that a few of meows was all it took to get humans’ attention.

The naughty feline is a seasoned sweets tester. His enthusiasm for eating is so strong that he even finds time to pursue his pastime after midnight. Zhang got up for a few minutes one night to use the restroom.

When the kitten sensed his human’s movements, he awoke and prepared to follow her. When Zhang was getting ready to go back to bed, Li Bai began whimpering loudly, clearly indicating that he had other intentions.

The woman was so tired that she attempted to ignore the kitten in order to sleep, but the kitten was certain that she would not stop until she completed her goal.

Zhang inquired as to what was going on, and Li Bai escorted her through the house’s passageways to their dinner dishes. He sat there with the saddest expression on his face, looking at his mother.

The amusing part was that there was still food on the platters. This wasn’t enough for the obstinate kitty, who demanded a special midnight treat. His meows continued incessantly till he completed his task.

“I decided to shoot a film to highlight his pranks once I started watching him,” Zhang added.

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