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Officer Responds To A Shoplifting Report And Ends Up Rescuing Two Stranded Kittens

On a regular basis, police officers are faced with criminals and risky circumstances. As a result, an emergency call to discuss a robbery did not strike Adkins and Hilliard, officers of the Arlington Police Department in Texas, as unusual. They had no idea, however, what fate had in store for them.

Credit: Adkins and Hilliard

The police officers were on their way to their patrol after resolving an incident at a neighborhood business when a woman inside a car stopped to seek for their assistance. She was disturbed by several meows coming from her automobile and didn’t know what to do about it.

Credit: Adkins and Hilliard

The woman did not want to injure them, so she insisted on speaking with the authorities, who were already on the case. Fortunately, the task was not too difficult, and the cats were able to be released without suffering any harm.

The owner of the automobile did not want to injure them, but she had no intention of staying with them, which was not an issue for the law enforcement officers who had become enamored with the children.

Credit: Adkins and Hilliard

Normally, the animals would be brought to a shelter in this scenario, but Officer Adkins opted to become their new guardian and took them home with him to feed them.

In order to provide the finest care for the animals, Adkins brought them to a veterinary clinic where an expert examined each kitten’s health.

Credit: Adkins and Hilliard

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