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With The Christmas Gifts They Get, The Misery Of Shelter Animals Is Brought To Light

Christmas Eve has here, and the Christmas spirit has swept the nation. Young and old alike, we attend these events with bated breath, ready to express our joy with our loved ones while also anticipating what we will get as a present this year.

The resident animals at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa shelter in the United States are no less happy, because they get to pick what they want as a Christmas present.

Credit: Animal Rescue League of Iowa shelter

They are much like children, with so many possibilities to pick from that it is impossible for them to make a decision. The greatest part is that they appear thrilled when they receive a new toy or a delectable treat, like in this example.

This shelter has interpreted it in this way so that the animals that reside there may smell for their favorite present from among the many that are displayed beneath the large Christmas tree that graces the welcoming space with its light and greenery.

Credit: Animal Rescue League of Iowa shelter

“It’s really cute to see them debating which present is the finest amid so many options. “They’re like kids waiting to see what Santa brought,” Stephanie Filer, the shelter’s manager of special gifts and associations, said.

But, perhaps most importantly, all of those present are contributed by the people of Iowa, via an event known across the region as Tree of Life, in which each guest provides food, toys, and various supplements and trinkets to enrich the lives of these dogs, who definitely enjoy it.

Credit: Animal Rescue League of Iowa shelter

Because each animal has its own approach for choosing its present, this unique endeavor, which began in Iowa, has already established a tradition and has elicited a wide range of enthusiastic responses well beyond the state’s borders.

Some run to the first one they see, while others are more deliberate and picky in their selection, but the most important thing is that everyone appears to be satisfied.

“It’s incredible to witness those gorgeous smiles and expressions of thanks. “We do everything we can to better the lives of these amazing dogs,” Filer stated.

But beware, for they have stated it themselves: not only dogs have that luxury, but the sanctuary did not forget about the felines, who, although not sharing many interests with their canine siblings, including not even in the choice of toys, had a mountain of unique presents particularly for them.

Credit: Animal Rescue League of Iowa shelter

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