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After Being Rescued, This Cat That Stands Like A Kangaroo Is Determined To Grow And Have A Nice Life

A pregnant cat in need of assistance was sent to the Oregon Friends Of Shelter Animals animal shelter in California, United States, at the start of the year. Soon after she arrived, the kitty went into labor and gave birth to five adorable kittens, one of which was exceedingly small and appeared to have a malformation on its front legs.

Dove was the kitten’s name, and owing to her size and medical difficulties, she required extra time to feed and a lot of attention. Angela, a rescue center adopting volunteer, made certain that the kitten had sole custody of her mother as her siblings slept blissfully.

Credit: Instagram / fosteringlove.pdx

Dove barely crawled and moved with difficulty as his siblings began to examine everything around him. Her front legs lacked the power to lift her torso off the ground, yet the small cat insisted on walking.

Credit: Instagram / fosteringlove.pdx

Dove made remarkable improvements with Angela’s assistance, physical therapy, massages, and the love of his mother cat. She had just recently started to walk and was eager to join her siblings in running.

Credit: Instagram / fosteringlove.pdx

The playful cat developed quickly in size and strength, greatly enhancing her mobility in a matter of weeks. She is very attentive, and she has discovered the cutest method to clean her face by standing on her hind legs like a small kangaroo.

Angela states:

“It warms my heart to see Dove so determined to walk and reach out to her siblings, and to see how she gets stronger and bigger every day.”

Credit: Instagram / fosteringlove.pdx

Dove is a very interested girl, and if she hears an unfamiliar sound, she will lean on her hindquarters and examine her surroundings with a questioning face; the small girl has been converted into a very boisterous adolescent cat.

Angela continues:

My legs will always be somewhat crooked, but that’s OK with me. He doesn’t let her get in the way of his plans.

Credit: Instagram / fosteringlove.pdx

The adorable feline has made amazing strides and may not require any further physical therapy or surgery on her front legs.

According to a shelter volunteer:

“She can sprint and move as quickly as her brothers. Its front legs do not trouble or impede it in any way. She’s come a long way, and I’m quite proud of her.

Credit: Instagram / fosteringlove.pdx

With her cheery demeanor and desire to have a great life, the charming kangaroo kitten continues to amaze and enchant all who know her.

Credit: Instagram / fosteringlove.pdx

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