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The Pregnant Cat Hiding From The Cold Until She Could Find A Secure Location To Give Birth

Earlier this year, a caring individual discovered a pregnant cat on the side of a road in Indiana, USA. The cat was in horrible shape and coated in snow; you could see he’d had a rough time. She was huddled up, attempting to maintain some heat in her body.

To assist the kitty, the individual sought the assistance of the Catsnip Etc rescue facility. Her situation was critical due to her pregnancy and the low temperatures she had suffered, and she required immediate assistance.

Credit: Facebook / Catsnip Etc

Camilla was the name given to the kitty, and she has been quite lovely and peaceful since her arrival at the rescue facility. She quickly gave birth to four gorgeous kittens under the warmth of a bed and in a secure location.

Missy states:

“On the first day, he would sit and cover his kittens to keep them safe.” She was more than willing to let us see how the kids were doing once she realized we wanted to help her.

Credit: Facebook / Catsnip Etc

Because the mother cat was severely underweight and unable to produce enough milk to appropriately breastfeed her young, volunteers assisted him with bottles 24 hours a day to augment the feeding of the four felines.

The volunteer continued, saying:

“When they discovered her, she was starved and quite skinny.” When we came to assist feed his kittens, he didn’t mind at all. I could tell they needed more assistance, and they looked grateful.

Credit: Facebook / Catsnip Etc

Coco, Cora, Chanel, and Carl, the smaller ones, were adorable and ate with gusto. Camilla monitored her children’s every move, and once she had recovered some weight and regained her strength, she kept an eye on their needs.

The rescue center is equipped with:

“At 4 1/2 weeks old, the kittens had reached the fun period, where their personalities were beginning to emerge.” When their mother was not looking, they were climbing cat trees.

Credit: Facebook / Catsnip Etc

Soon, the children grew into terrific explorers, touring everything and discovering every nook and cranny of their house. Camilla constantly kept an eye on her boys from afar, knowing they were secure from harm.

Camilla let go of the reins and set out to get some human affection for herself once the kittens were ready to move on their own and locate an appropriate spot for them.

Credit: Facebook / Catsnip Etc

Camilla remained in the care of the rescue center while the other four kittens were adopted. Camilla continued to wait through the glass for her perfect moment, while many of the kittens that shared a household with the feline sought new homes.

Volunteers are important:

“After a long day of adoption, she was the last one remaining in our adoption room.”

Credit: Facebook / Catsnip Etc

Camilla was visited a few days after the Memorial Day celebration by a family who fell head over heals in love with her right away and chose to give her a lifelong home. The cat was content and appreciated the attention and care of her new human family.

Camilla purred loudly as her new family held her in their arms, knowing that after three months of being cared for by volunteers, she would be released to begin the finest chapter of her life.

Credit: Facebook / Catsnip Etc

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