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A Brave Motorcyclist Stops Traffic To Save A Kitten In The Middle Of The Road

Quentin Leroy may not have spotted her if he hadn’t blinked.

Fortunately, he grabbed a glance just in time.


Leroy noticed a small creature hunched in the most precarious of locations while out for a motorbike ride near his house in Belgium late last month – a kitten minutes away from tragedy.

“I was stunned,” Leroy said to The Dodo. “I yelled, ‘No!’ ‘There’s a cat in the middle of the road!'”

Leroy pulled over without hesitation. He and another car who had stopped came to a halt to save the kitten’s life.

Here’s a video of that moment:

“The cat was afraid,” remarked Leroy.

Leroy was unable to carry the cat any farther, but luckily, the vehicle who stopped volunteered to take her to safety. Following that, the kitten was put with a local rescue organization.

Silky, as she is now known, is in a foster home awaiting adoption by a permanent family.


Leroy has been dubbed a hero for his quick thinking on that fateful day. But he claims he was only following his heart.

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