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A Cyclist Discovers An Abandoned Kitten That Will Change His Life Forever

Niccol Bonifazio is an Italian competitive cyclist.

Throughout his riding career, he’s received several honors for his athleticism, but the most valuable medal of them came from a recent act of charity.


Bonifazio was on a 20-kilometer training ride with a few pals in a secluded area last month when something caught his ear. Bonifazio heard little calls for aid from someplace off the road, where there were no homes or structures in sight.

“I heard meowing in the distance,” Bonifazio said, according to The Dodo. “It was a jarring sound. So I walked into the woods to look for her.”

The worried biker then noticed a little cat clinging to live near a rubbish bag, having evidently been thrown there and allowed to die.

Fortunately, Bonifazio had arrived just in time.


Since then, surrounded by the love of Bonifazio and his partner, the little kitten has blossomed.

“He’s very nice and full of energy,” Bonifazio said. “His name is Bisous; in French that means ‘kiss.'”


The small cat has flourished since then, surrounded by the affection of Bonifazio and his companion.

“He’s extremely kind and energetic,” Bonifazio remarked. “His name is Bisous, which means ‘kiss’ in French.”


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