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A Red-Haired Kitten Is Overjoyed Because A Cat Adopts And Nurtures Him As Her Own

In the middle of December, a small red-haired cat was discovered screaming and pleading for rescue in the yard of a house in Perth, Australia. They quickly contacted Tara, the founder of The Mad Catters, a cat rescue organization.

The kitten was around 4 to 5 days old, and it was evidently abandoned, because they checked about for more kittens or the mother and found nothing; when they saw the situation, they transported the cat to the Tara rescue center.

The kitten was called Cobain, and they provided him with a comfortable spot to rest as well as food to help him regain his strength.

Credit: Instagram / ifrescue

Tara described the kitty as having an amazing drive to survive and being extremely hungry:

“He’d joyfully holler at me for his meal every two hours on the dot.”

Credit: Instagram / ifrescue

Tara stated:

“He weighed 173 grams and took his formula like a pro right away.”

Little Cobain was spoilt; he needed to be accompanied at all times and would cry if left alone. Tara began seeking for a surrogate mother cat to see if she might take in the kitten, which would be extremely advantageous to her growth.

Credit: Instagram / ifrescue

Cinque, a pregnant cat, was taken to the shelter within days and gave birth to a litter of five kittens two days later.

The mother cat and her kittens were transferred to Impound Feline Rescue, a local rescue facility, where the mother cat could have better conditions to grow her offspring and find a loving family to care for them swiftly.

Credit: Instagram / ifrescue

When this rescue facility discovered Cobain’s existence, they introduced him to Cinque in the hopes that she would accept him as her mother.

Credit: Instagram / ifrescue

“Because he wasn’t much older than Cinque’s offspring, the hope was that Cinque would accept him as an extra mouth to feed.” To everyone’s pleasure, young Cobain was instantly welcomed into the gray and white gang, and the litter of five was expanded to a litter of six. ‘

Credit: Instagram / ifrescue

Cinque, fortunately for everyone, adored Cobain from the minute he entered her life and lavished him with all the motherly devotion he required.

Tara continued, saying:

“Cinque is a wonderful mother cat, and she took it immediately away.” She will now have siblings and a mother to acquire critical behavioral and social skills, as well as the optimum diet for developing kittens.

Because Cobain is larger than his brothers, they use him as a pillow and always want to snuggle up to his side.

Impound Feline Rescue has recently added:

“If feasible, it is nearly always preferable for kittens to be fed and nurtured by a mother kitty rather to being hand-reared.” “We are overjoyed that the introduction of Cobain to Cinque went so smoothly.”

Cobain is a very happy kitty thanks to everyone’s efforts, and we hope that he will soon find a permanent home that will give him the love he deserves.

Credit: Instagram / ifrescue

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