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A Stray Cat In Switzerland Follows Hikers To The Top Of A Mountain

Animals are extremely clever, and they frequently demonstrate their survival abilities when confronted with adversity. As an illustration of the foregoing, today we tell you about a lost cat who accompanied a couple of hikers to the top of a mountain in search of aid.

Cyril and Erik Rohrer were ascending Mount Britsen in Switzerland when they were joined by a friendly, seemingly lost cat by chance. Everything showed that the cat had left the city and had been disoriented amid the steep slopes, making its return impossible.

Credit: Image | SWNS

When the feline became separated from his family, he noticed hikers and chose to follow them to the top of the mountain to seek assistance in locating his home. Hikers Cyril and Erik Rohrer reported they heard a cat meowing early in the morning while they were approximately 1,200 meters up. The kitty was anxious and perplexed, and all he wanted to do was follow them to the top, so he strolled beside them.

Credit: Image | SWNS

The small cat did not want to be alone again after getting lost in the wild, so his best option was to follow whoever walked by. Despite the fact that the crossing was extremely hazardous, the cat remained adamant on overcoming all hurdles in order to return home.

In an interview with SWNS, Cyril said:

“He began to tremble, and the harsh snow caused his paws to bleed. When he was too tired to walk uphill, we would take him up and carry him.

Credit: Image | SWNS

The climbers went on to say that they felt bad for the cat and wanted to aid him, but he was fatigued just a few meters from the summit. They finally made it to the top of the mountain and began their descend to safety, with Erik constantly checking on the cat.

They discovered that the cat had been missing for four days and had already followed another party of hikers after a series of investigations.

Credit: Image | SWNS

It is unknown why they did not assist him; nevertheless, the fact is that he was already secure and would soon be reunited with his family.

Cyril continued:

Animals are more powerful than humans and perform bizarre things. Even though they are in excruciating pain, they will never give up.

The lost kitty was clearly looking for help in the mountains, and he was fortunate enough to find it just in time.

Credit: Image | SWNS

The climbers opted to give the cat to a different party of hikers, who took it upon themselves to transport it up the valley and eventually to reunite it with its family. The small kid is now at ease in his own house, and his family is appreciative for the hikers’ assistance with his pet.

Erik and Cyril will never forget their feline hiking buddy, and the loving feline will remember his saviors as well.

Credit: Image | SWNS

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