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After Being Saved, A Sweet Kitten Grows Into A Lovely Cat With A Lots Of Love

Laura Malone, the director of Mini Cat Town, a cat rescue organization in San José, California, received a lovely kitten in need of assistance and a foster home. Yeti, the young boy, arrived covered in fleas and grime, but with appropriate care, he developed into a lovely cat.

Despite its small stature, Yeti managed to eat a bit after being rescued. The kitten was a warrior who was determined to succeed. Their weight was extremely low, and they had no idea what had happened to their mother or siblings, but it was apparent that the kitten had survived and was still fighting for life.

Laura, his foster mother, started treating him for gastrointestinal issues. Yeti had difficulty eating on his own, so they had to feed him every two hours using a syringe.

Credit: Instagram / fosterkittyfamily

Yeti began to improve as a result of the attention he had received since his arrival, including a warm bed and a toy to keep him company. He soon learned out how to feed from a bottle as well.

It was a significant step forward for the tiny one, who had progressed from feeding with assistance to swallowing his bottle with such vigour that it felt like there was no tomorrow.

Laura recalls:

He discovered his latch. My immediate thought was, “Wait a minute!” Slower!”.

Credit: Instagram / fosterkittyfamily

Yeti felt much better after a large feast. He was already strong enough to stand up and knead his blanket enthusiastically. The lovely kitten was gaining weight, getting more active every day, and revealing his restless nature as a result of his ravenous hunger.

Laura continued, saying:

“I used to have to rouse him up at meals because he would meow quite softly.” He is now waiting for me at the door and demanding food.

Credit: Instagram / fosterkittyfamily

When it came time for the bottle, the naughty Yeti stared calmly at his mother, waiting for the food to be served and devouring it to the finish. Every day, the restless kid became more active.

Laura stated:

“He is no longer satisfied with eating, going to the restroom, and returning to the incubator.” It now necessitates a few exploratory laps on the ground.’

Credit: Instagram / fosterkittyfamily

The cute kitten quickly began to grow and acquire all of his feline talents; his Siamese traits were visible on his paws and nose, and his endearing attitude appeared. As a bottle-fed kitten, it took a bit longer to wean, but it eventually made it over that rung.

Credit: Instagram / fosterkittyfamily

Every time the lovely kitty has taken a nap since arriving at his foster home, he has been accompanied by a fuzzy cuddly buddy named “Puppy.” Yeti and his cherished toy had to stick together when it came time to find their forever home.

When Yeti was mature enough to begin a new chapter in his life, a family member of one of the rescue center volunteers fell passionately in love with him and adopted him.

Credit: Instagram / fosterkittyfamily

The adorable kitten rapidly adapted to his new life and surroundings, and as soon as he arrived at his new house with his owners, he had a lengthy snooze with his toy and closest buddy Puppy.

Now, that small kitten has grown into a gorgeous Siamese cat named Prince Labeija, and he is the sole owner of his home and his humans, who adore all of his antics.

Credit: Instagram / fosterkittyfamily

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