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Cat Is Reunited With His Family Three Years After He Vanished In A Landslide

Following the disastrous landslides and mudslides that happened in Southern California in January 2018, a cat was fortunately discovered and reunited with his family.

The cat was supposed to have died in the landslides, but he was discovered less than a quarter-mile from his house three years later.

The large landslides that season killed 23 individuals, adding to the spectacular nature of the tragedy.

Credit: Facebook / ASAP

Patches, the cat, had initially vanished since the debris flow began in the city of Montecito on January 9th. According to The Angeles Times, the landslides caused so much damage that 100 homes were demolished and more than 300 were damaged.

Patches’ mother, Josie Gower, was among those killed in the tragedy. Norm Borgatello, her husband, was able to live.

Credit: Facebook / ASAP

Norm had also gone missing since the natural calamity, until he discovered a homeless cat in an animal shelter.

The animal was at the Animal Shelter Assistance Program (ASAP) in Santa Barbara, where volunteers took care of it and discovered that it was Patches after registering its microchip.

The cat was microchipped and registered in Josie’s name, making it simple to contact her family and arrange a reunion, something no one believed was conceivable at the time.

Credit: Facebook / ASAP

ASAP did not hesitate to publish the tale on social media, despite the fact that it was exactly three years after the disaster; this news would be pure joy.

ASAP said on Facebook:

“I was surprised to learn that it was Patches when I checked his microchip.”

Norm had no idea Patches was still alive until the shelter called him.

He was overwhelmed and startled when he heard the news, but he did not hesitate to travel to the shelter to meet his new pet. The cat was located less than a quarter mile from its original home in Montecito, as if it were waiting.

Everything came to a halt as Norm and Patches were reunited; it was a truly poignant moment.

Credit: Facebook / ASAP

ASAP added a comment:

“He was overcome with emotion when he arrived to pick up Patches, as if he had encountered a ghost.” And, in a way, he had done just that.

It’s unclear what Patches was up to during those three years, but he was clearly overjoyed to be reunited with his family.

Credit: Facebook / ASAP

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