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Cat Won’t Stop Trying To Break Into School To See Her Children

Luna’s family adopted her in September 2019, and they’ve been her pack ever since. She is fiercely protective of her folks and enjoys following them around – even when they leave the house.

“She enjoys going for walks with us,” Luna’s mother, Heather Lucier, told The Dodo. “She’ll lead the way and make sure we’re headed in the right direction on a regular basis!” It’s incredibly cute, and everyone in the neighborhood says it’s the prettiest thing they’ve ever seen… Back in 2020, she used to accompany us to pick up the kids’ free school lunches, following us across the block and to the other side of the school to, I’d like to believe, make sure we were OK and returning home again since we’d been home with her for months.”


Now that Luna’s human siblings are back in school, she enjoys walking them there whenever possible. They live right around the corner from the school, so it’s a very short walk, and everyone at the school now remembers Luna and enjoys seeing her. It was never an issue until Luna decided she wanted more.


Luna decided that instead of only escorting her humans to school, she wanted to go to class with them. She began attempting to sneak into the school, but because everyone knows who she is, her plan was swiftly derailed when the school phoned her mother.

“When I discovered it was the front office, I panicked out because I thought one of my kids was hurt or sick,” Lucier explained. “Thankfully, they phoned to say, ‘While I adore Luna and don’t mind her staying around… she’s attempting to follow people into the school.’ I apologized several times before pulling on a jacket and sprinting over to rescue Luna before she got herself into any serious danger! I like the fact that the individual who phoned me was laughing and said Luna was so nice and not an issue… other than attempting to infiltrate


Lucier rushed over to the school before Luna could enter — and as soon as she did, Luna pretended like nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

“I was a little further away from the main doors she was attempting to get through when I yelled, ‘LUNA!’ and who came running?” “Lucier added, “Luna, meowing merrily with her tail up in delight as she pranced over the grass to me.”


Lucier was able to entice Luna home with the promise of food, and because she’d been apprehended, she knew she wouldn’t be able to make it to school that day anyhow. Luna’s human siblings were ecstatic when their mother told them about Luna’s excursion when they arrived home from school.


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