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For The First Time, A Kitten Jumps Into A Bathtub And Discovers He’s Actually An Otter

When Marvin’s family initially acquired him, they fully expected him to engage in the normal kitten mischief. They’re running about, playing with things they shouldn’t, and learning about the world in general. They hadn’t anticipated his preoccupation with water.

Marvin had been sitting on the side of the bathtub for weeks, watching his family wash. They assumed he only had a curiosity with water because he liked playing with it in his water bowl, but they had no clue how much he genuinely loved it until he eventually got up the bravery to plunge in.

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Marvin decided he had had enough of watching and went into the shower. He was so thrilled and excited that he immediately began playing in the water. He was completely saturated in no time, but he didn’t seem to bother. He was at ease in the water in a way that few cats are, and his family couldn’t stop laughing as he romped around and enjoyed his own little aquatic adventure.

In a video describing Marvin’s shower excursion, his mother remarked, “We knew he was OK with water, but this is next level – he’s virtually a sea otter.”

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When someone is in the shower, Marvin is continually attempting to sneak in and play in the water. His parents even got him his own swimming fishies bathtime toys so he’d have something to do if his mother caved in and gave him a bath. They’ve also been taking him to the beach to see whether he’d like to swim in the ocean, but he’s still getting acclimated to simply being there.

Marvin’s parents believed they were receiving an ordinary cat when they adopted him, but what they received instead was a kitten-sea-otter hybrid, and they couldn’t be happier.

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