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After Adopting A Kitten, A Woman Notices That She Seems Very Familiar

After Tara Lin’s cat Biscuits died, she could see how much her remaining cat, Gravy, missed her. Lin and her husband were thinking about getting a new companion for Gravy, and when they read a post on Facebook from a friend about a kitten discovered wandering around outside all alone, they decided to take the plunge and adopt Toast.

“We were going to wait,” Lin told The Dodo, “but we saw Toast on Facebook and said, ‘Let’s buy Gravy a Christmas present.'”


Toast’s parents and brother were utterly enamored with her from the time she arrived in her new home. She was immediately at ease with her new family, and she and her brother have become inseparable. Her family is overjoyed with how things have turned out, and they’ve lately recognized that Toast’s arrival with them may have been fate.


Lin’s husband gave her a lunch box with a blown-up picture of a cat on it a few years ago. Lin adores the lunch box since it is exaggerated and comical.

“I’m a knucklehead, and I saw the lunch box on Amazon and knew I had to get it,” Lin explained. “This lunch box has been in my possession for five years. Last week, it appears that I embraced the model for it.”


Lin was photographing her new cat about a week ago when Toast chose to come up the kitchen and stand next to the lunch box — and Lin couldn’t believe her eyes.

Toast resembled the kitty depicted on the lunch box nearly exactly. Lin had somehow ended herself with a cat that looked precisely like the model on one of her favorite items.


Lin explained, “A gigantic lighting went off and it was like DING DING DING.” “I had a nervous breakdown and began messaging my spouse incessantly.” I couldn’t believe how much she resembled the lunch box!”

Lin jumped right into a picture session with Toast and the lunch box, hoping that others would see what she was seeing and fall in love with it as much as she did. She managed to get the ideal shot, and when she shared it on Facebook, it became evident that she wasn’t the only one who recognized Toast’s strong similarity to the lunch box.


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