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The Littlest Kitten’s Reaction To Meeting Her New Dog Siblings Is Such A Heart Warming

Nimbus may be a little kitten, but judging her just on her appearance would be a huge mistake. She’s a fighter who knows how to make a strong first impression when the stakes are high.

Nimbus was introduced to Sam Gerth when she was barely little enough to open her eyes. On her way home from work, his girlfriend saw the white cat, which was smeared in filth and oil from the road.


“We gave her a wash in the sink to try to clean her up a little bit,” Gerth told The Dodo, “and then we turned on our space heater and let her relax in front of it because she was shivering and cold.” “She eventually fell asleep in my palm in front of the heater for around 45 minutes.”

The couple wasn’t sure if they were ready to welcome a new addition to their family because they already had two dogs and two cats. They planned to keep Nimbus apart from the other animals until she regained her vigor – and until they decided on her fate.


It didn’t take long for Gerth to realize that the small kitten had made a strong first impression and wasn’t going anywhere: “She very quickly stole our hearts, so that made that decision quite easy.” “We felt it was time to introduce her to the family after a day or two.”

Nimbus drew herself up to her full height and fluffed up all her fur to make herself as threatening as possible when she first saw the feisty dogs, one of whom belonged to Gerth’s sister.


Needless to say, the rambunctious dogs quickly realized who was in charge.

“She’s a courageous little kitty!” says the narrator. Gerth remarked. “She stood firm against every dog and animal she encountered!”


Nimbus, on the other hand, has always trusted one dog: Zep. The gentle giant is fond of everyone he meets, and he was delighted to cuddle and comfort the tiny cat.


The cats took a bit longer to warm up to her, but Nimbus won them over in a matter of days. “They get along really well now and play all the time,” Gerth remarked.

Nimbus has developed into a healthy, happy cat after a month and a half in her new home.


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