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It’s Official: We Have North America’s Cutest Animal, And It’s A Cat

While the image may lead you to believe otherwise, you are looking at a cat. It’s a ringtail cat, which is a member of the racoon family. This species is also known as a civet cat or bassarisk and may be found in West and Southwest America. This cat’s self-defense technique is to generate a VERY nasty stench from its anal glands when it is under danger.

While the odor is unpleasant, the cat is adorable. The medium-sized cat looks like a cross between a racoon and a fox. It has a bushy tail and huge ears like a fox. If you’re wondering why it’s called a ringtail, it’s because the tail hair has black rings on it.

These are a shy breed of animal that will not approach humans. They are far less visible than racoons and have a cat-like personality. Frogs, lizards, birds, and snakes are eaten by the ringtail cat, which is a carnivore. They’re just like cats when it comes to hunting.

We think the ringtail cat is the prettiest of all the wild animals found in North America. What are your thoughts?

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