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Kittens Who Have Been Abandoned Are Forced To Cuddle Together To Stay Warm

Every now and then, a tragic tale of kittens or puppies who must do remarkable things to survive surfaces on the internet. A litter of kittens left outside are forced to huddle together to remain warm in today’s tale. The poor boys were freezing and malnourished, and they wouldn’t have lived if rescuers hadn’t heard their pleas.

Credit: Tweetcat

The good news is that the kittens realized that in order to remain warm in the chilly weather, they needed to cooperate together. They were rescued by a group of people and taken to the vet right away.

Credit: Tweetcat

The kittens were given food and water after a brief checkup and some warming. They were all starving, but they made it through. They’re getting stronger as a couple and will soon be available for adoption. Check out the video below to discover how the kittens were rescued.

It’s comforting, which is just what we all need on these cold days.

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