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10 Cats Who Have Only Recently Recognized What Their Vets Have Done To Them!

You know how tough it is to get a cat (or a dog) to the veterinarian. They may act friendly at first until they figure out what’s going on.

Then they produce the prettiest and most amusing pet expressions you’ve ever seen, like the ones in the photos below. Take a look at them:

#1 That is exactly what they did to me. How could they be so cold-blooded? Right now, I want to flee.

#2 I’m done with people. I’m not going to see them again. Do they have any idea what it’s like to be at my house? At the very least, they should have gotten my permission.

#3 So, what exactly did that vet do? No, I’m aware that you’re deceiving me. But, really, how?

#4 I was correct about these people. They are always preoccupied with themselves. They are unconcerned about our pleasure.

#5 How could you do such a thing to me? I’ve put my faith in you. Do you have any idea what the phrase means?

#6 I’ll tell it one more. So, what exactly did they do to me? I was purrfectly OK and didn’t require any of it to begin with. These people believe they are extremely intelligent.

#7 I’m sick of hearing these heartbreaking stories. These beings have no compassion for us. They always do what they want.

#8 Please don’t take me to the vet today! Today is my birthday. That may be a fantastic present for me.

#9 You did this to me despite the fact that I loved you with all my heart. Why would you ever consider it? What did I do to offend you?

#10 Please excuse me. I’m not interested in living any more. I lost everything in which I had put my trust. There’s no reason for me to keep going now.

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