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10 Cats Who Loves the Sun Above Everything And Are Very Relaxing 

When cats aren’t napping, they’re generally planning to take over the world, according to popular belief. Probably the only thing they like more than those two activities is soaking up the sun.

They’re not doing it to acquire their daily dosage of Vitamin D. Cats have a slightly higher body temperature (102°) than humans since they are desert species who evolved in the Middle East and have acquired a strong tolerance for heat.

#1 The Sun Addicted Family

Cats have a fast metabolism, and they use a lot of energy to stay warm. That’s why they’ll lie down in the sun if they can, because it conserves their energy and counters the reduction in basal metabolism caused by sleep shutting down certain processes in the body. That metabolic heat advantage is why they need light – or warmth – and will put themselves in the most uncomfortable situations to obtain it.

#2 A Magical Sun Spot Has Been Found By A Friend’s Cat

#3 ‘The Chosen One’ Could Be My Friend’s Cat!

#4 The Sun Dance

#5 This Cat Is Truly Enjoying The Sun

#6 Just Purr-fect!

#7 Basking in the Sun As If There Isn’t Going To Be Another Day!

#8 Some Sun Cats

#9 Cats Vs. Dogs When It Comes to Sunlight

#10 Hmmm, I Think I Have A Magic Cat!

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