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When The Cat Realizes That Her Owner Loves Her Live Presents, She Begins Bringing Large Leaves Every Day

Cats are aware that you go out of your way for them. So, in order to repay you, they will continue to make minor attempts. These small attempts may involve strange presents that are not especially appealing to you. They may, for example, bring in live or half-dead rats, birds, or any other small creature that they can effectively hunt down.

All cat owners are unappreciative of the small presents their cats bring them. And our cats may be irritated if their presents are consistently denied by individuals they care about.

Baloo, the kitten, on the other hand, went head first and carefully examined the situation. She was furious that this was happening to her. But then she realized that Ben, his hooman, had different tastes.

After a few rejections, Baloo finally realized what was going on. As a result, she began bringing in other gifts.

Ben was overjoyed to find large leaves instead of actual mice. From that time on, he noticed the small presents and made an effort to show the kitten that he appreciated her offerings.

The clever kitten has found a method to please her owner. She had the impression that things were finally moving in the right direction.

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