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10 Cats Who Don’t Give A Damn About Your Personal Space!

Cats have a well-deserved reputation for defending their personal space, and there’s nothing humans can do to change that. That being said, you’d think that when the time comes for these same animals to respect OUR privacy, they’d understand and show respect. But they don’t, of course.

From reaching all the way out over your laptop to sitting in your underwear while you’re on the toilet, the photos you’re about to see show that when your cats desire your attention, they have no problem invading your personal space to obtain it.

1.It’s my time to get on Facebook, human!

2. Do you understand what we’re talking about now?

3. Every time I attempt to clean my teeth.

4. You didn’t need your arm for anything, did you, human?

5. The on-site supervisor!

6. Belly massages ALWAYS take precedence over schoolwork…

7. I want your attention, human, right MEOW!

8. Yes, I definitely require BOTH of them in order to do my stretching!

9. Hmmm, are we sitting comfortably?

10. I don’t see why a cat would want to sit there!

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