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Animal Shelter Creates Hilarious Low-Budget Cat Commercial That Surpasses All Expectations!

This new ‘Kitty-Commercial was created by a rescue group called Furkids animal shelter, and after seeing it, you’ll realize that a decent commercial doesn’t require a large budget.

Credit: Furkids animal shelter

Because the organization’s headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia, the main character in the advertisement is played by an Atlanta native, Paul Preston. The film was edited in the most professional manner imaginable, and it was shot in just 30 minutes, which is rather impressive.

Credit: Furkids animal shelter

Preston imitates a used car salesperson to persuade people to adopt the kitties, and it’s so amusing that it could make you cry. Preston, for the record, is neither a model nor a comedian in real life. He’s a contractor for a rental property management company, and he’s also a really humorous person.

Credit: Furkids animal shelter

His sister, on the other hand, works at furkids for free and is the one who came up with the ad concept. She added that she could not think of a finer person to star in this advertisement than her brother.

The ‘Kitty Kommercial’ from this shelter house is proof that anyone can construct a beautiful artwork on a shoestring budget.

The commercial film was reportedly shot in less than 30 minutes and is fully improvised.

Be sure to watch the video here:

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