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The Cat Has The Best Reaction When She Finds Out She’s Pregnant

When animals are forced to endure Greenland’s cold winters, it may be extremely tough for them. In such frigid weather, finding food and shelter is nearly difficult. A kitten was saved from Nuuk, Greenland’s capital, by Dyrenes Venner, a shelter house. The miserable stray animals, according to one of the refuge home’s board members, lurk in the basements of less utilized buildings.

Ulla was the name given to the kitten by the volunteers at the shelter. The kitten could not be happier to have been saved.

The kitten is really kind and loving. Ulla, who is a little over a year old, has a large heart and wants to adore everyone.

The kitten was expecting a baby. Not only the rescuers, but also the kitten, were taken aback by the news. It’s clear from her facial reactions. Check out the video!

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