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A Kitten With An Unusual Nose Is Discovered Alone On The Street, Pleading For A Second Chance

The most essential thing for a wonderful kitty is to be able to enjoy the second opportunity she has been given, putting her sad background and her rather daunting diagnosis aside. Despite this, our fearless protagonist, Penelope Fern, has determined to bring out the best in herself and conquer people around her with her charisma and boundless love.

Credit: Deez_3_flamepoints

Last month, an animal welfare charity doing a TNR operation saved this adorable cat (trap, neuter, return). Rescuers discovered her alone and defenseless in the frigid streets.

They soon sent her to Meow Village, a kitten rescue organization in Aurora, Oregon, where she could get all of the assistance she required.

Credit: Deez_3_flamepoints

“She was spotted trapping cats to spay and neuter them by a TNR rescuer. It was clear that the kitten needed to be examined further. She was in the arms of a Meow Village volunteer within hours after a few phone calls.

Credit: Deez_3_flamepoints

The kitten’s cleft lip was the first thing that the rescue center personnel noticed; she lacked the power to move, so her little steps were wobbly, and she was very emaciated.

The rescue center is dedicated to providing all animal friends with a new and better life, regardless of their condition or diagnosis, so when Penelope came, they did not hesitate to lavish her with all the love and attention she required.

They started by giving her a warm bath to get rid of the fleas, then fed her, and finally put her in her new bed.

Credit: Deez_3_flamepoints

Selina, a rescue center volunteer, stated:

“This kitty has a kind and lovely personality. He eats and drinks well, and he quickly learned how to use the litter box.”

Credit: Deez_3_flamepoints

The sweet kitten needed to visit a professional, so she was sent to a veterinary clinic the next day, where she was diagnosed with hydrocephalus (excess fluid in the brain), blindness, and ataxia (lack of coordination or balance).

His diagnosis was concerning, but he was lucky to have the support of excellent individuals who were willing to go to any length to improve his quality of life.

Credit: Deez_3_flamepoints

Because of her condition, it was likely that she may develop minor issues in the future, necessitating specialist care and a family that would embrace and love her completely.

Despite her upsetting diagnosis, this adorable kitty was just concerned about enjoying her new life and all the attention she was receiving.

Desirae, a staff member, couldn’t resist Penelope’s charms and chose to adopt her during her stay at the veterinary clinic.

“I couldn’t take my mind off her and the bad luck she’d had in life.” She has a kind, caring, and lively personality. “I realized I had to assist her, so I offered to take her in as a hospice adoption (plus I’d have 24-hour veterinary care),” Desirae explained.

Credit: Deez_3_flamepoints

Penelope quickly displayed her passion for food, toys, and, most all, the warmth and joy that hugs provide upon her arrival at her new home.

“Don’t let her diminutive stature fool you; she has a voracious appetite.” “She tells you how hungry she is as soon as she smells food and won’t stop eating until the plate is clear,” Meow Village explained.

Credit: Deez_3_flamepoints

“His personality is fantastic.” Even though she is little, she enjoys running as quickly as lightning and chasing her brothers and sisters. He enjoys playing with all of his toys and climbing on the sofa’s back cushions to jump like Superman. Despite her physical issues, she is a happy and typical kitty.

Credit: Deez_3_flamepoints

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