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Every Day, Boy Takes Time Out Of His Schedule To Play With A ‘Misunderstood’ Cat

Teaching a youngster that all animals, regardless of their condition or race, deserve to be loved and appreciated would definitely help to alter the lives of many vulnerable furry animals.

Many dogs and cats are subjected to the apathy of certain people on a daily basis because they have an injury that is nothing more than a reminder of their traumatic history.

Credit: Norma Maikovich

They are fuzzy little angels full of limitless love that simply want to be surrounded by people who care about them and provide them with far more affection than they can provide.

Ace is an unique kitten both inside and out, one of those kitties that has a lot of love to give. When he was rescued, his health was in poor shape; he had bacteria and had lost one of his eyes due to an infection.

Credit: Norma Maikovich

Ace remained a lovely kitty despite the experience, and his outlook on life did not change.

Nonetheless, some new individuals have misconstrued his outer look while meeting him, particularly youngsters who are terrified by his presence. Ace is owned by Norma Maikovich, who notes out the following:

“It might be frightening at times, especially for youngsters. When it comes to welcoming him, people tend to be hesitant.”

Credit: Norma Maikovich

Ace doesn’t have many human pals, unlike other kittens, but all changed one day when Maikovich saw that his adorable kitty had a particular companion.

Ace likes relaxing on the front porch of the house, and his owner put a camera for security purposes so that he can keep an eye on the kitten on a regular basis.

Credit: Norma Maikovich

“When we look at the photos, we see that one youngster comes to see us virtually every day. It warmed our hearts to see not just how much Ace adores this youngster, but also how well they knew each other! Norma stated.

Ace’s new acquaintance is a young neighbor who swings by on his bike ride to say hello to the “scary” cat.

The kitty apparently always waits at the front door for his regular visit, and when he sees the youngster arriving, he runs joyfully to greet him. When the owner of the video watches it, he says:

“A buddy of Ace’s is a friend of ours,” says the narrator. We were overjoyed when we discovered they were pals.

Credit: Norma Maikovich

Although some people are put off by Ace’s appearance, he has proven that appearances aren’t important in life. Pets do share certain characteristics in common with humans, but we are all unique individuals.

“Seeing the images of Ace and his pal really confirms that handicapped and special needs animals are also worth it when given the chance to live and love a family,” Norma said.

Credit: Norma Maikovich

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