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Cat Brings Her Kittens To The Guy Who Assisted And Fed Her And Refuses To Leave Her Side

A cat took her kittens to a guy who assisted her and fed her when she was in need, and she stayed with him for the rest of her life.

Brian Sheppard is a car dealership manager. Brian has always been a big animal lover, but he never expected to meet someone who would become his pet while walking around his workplace hungry.

Credit: Brian Sheppard

A little white kitten arrived at the dealership, terrified and in distress. A can was attached to the little girl’s head, and she kept meowing in a frantic bid to get rescue. When one of the merchants heard her, he rushed over.

The friendly guy aided the kitty and removed the bothersome can from her head, but she bolted because she was terrified.

Credit: Brian Sheppard

Brian decided to wander around the neighborhood after hearing what had transpired from the man. He eventually found the cat after much hunting and discovered that the young female was severely skinny.

“I walked into the kitchen and handed him the leftover chicken from lunch.”

Credit: Brian Sheppard

The adorable cat appeared to have gone days without eating. But it was the revelation that she was a mother that struck Brian the most.

It was obvious that she had been nursing. Brian realized that no matter how much he wanted to assist the kitten, he couldn’t take her with him since it would put the lives of his other kittens in jeopardy.

Credit: Brian Sheppard

Brian chose the name Sophie for her. Sophie became his best friend almost immediately, and she paid him daily visits.

Brian was on his way to work a week later when he saw Sophie heading into a residence. He walked in and told the owner of the house that he wanted to adopt her without hesitation.

Credit: Brian Sheppard

The owner seemed to welcome the notion of getting all the cats out there, but his daughter, who claimed to enjoy animals, did not. Brian wanted to reach an agreement before making any decisions, so he provided them his phone number, but they never called him again.

Credit: Brian Sheppard

Sophie shocked him and came to the store with a very nice gift just when he was about to lose hope of seeing the lovely cat again. Brian would be able to meet her two kittens because she had brought them with her.

“I spotted Sophie with two cats in my vehicle.” He’d brought them here to feed them.

Credit: Brian Sheppard

Brian took the choice to hunt for a home where these kittens would never go hungry. Sophie was adopted by another family when one of the dealership employees decided to adopt the two kittens.

After a few weeks, Brian had grown attached to the cat and wanted to discuss the notion of permanently adopting her with his wife.

“Allergies are a major problem for my wife. But when I told him how much I adore Sophie, he agreed to give it a shot.

Credit: Brian Sheppard

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