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A Lost Kitten Becomes Trapped Beneath A Car’s Engine And Is Rescued By Mechanics In The Right Moment

In the winter, it’s not unusual for kittens to seek out warm items. They frequently seek refuge in automobile engines and on the wheels, which unfortunately results in numerous deaths. But this isn’t one of those stories. A cat was caught beneath a car engine recently, and things could have gone horribly wrong if it hadn’t been for competent mechanics.

Credit: Tweetcat

The tiny 9-week-old cat had been pinned beneath the engine for hours, meowing. It was terrified, and everyone was expecting the worst. The kitten became entangled in the engine compartment of a cat left at a Hardee’s drive-through window in Frankfort, Kentucky. The major heard faint sounds from the kitten and noticed the skinny kitten peering out from behind the cat.

Credit: Tweetcat

The man and the restaurant personnel immediately summoned neighboring mechanics for assistance. They arrived quickly and dismantled the bottom of the car to free the kitten.

Credit: Tweetcat

The kitty was set free after an hour of hard labour. The automobile owner expressed gratitude and offered to compensate the technicians, but the Midas of Frankfort mechanical team rejected. They were really relieved to be able to liberate the little boy.

Credit: Tweetcat

The kitten was adopted by loving individuals after spending the night at the clinic. We’re simply relieved that everything worked out in the end and that the kitten got a good home.

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