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A Stray Kitten Has Chosen A Cop To Be Her New Mother

Officer Rowsey and her partner were on patrol when they came across a small cat that was alone, afraid, and in distress. Of course, they had to come to a halt to see what they could do since they assumed the small kitten was terrified.

They had no idea how much Officer Rowsey’s life would be changed by this small cat.

They started looking throughout the neighborhood for the kitten’s mother and inquired around for her owner, but their search yielded no results. This tiny kitty clearly didn’t have a home of her own.

Credit: Officer Rowsey

Rowsey had wrapped the terrified tiny cat in a towel and was giving her lots of love by this point.

The small tabby quickly acquired confidence and climbed upon her shoulders and into her heart.

[caption id="attachment_12187" align="alignnone" width="845"]

It didn’t take long for this kind cop to fall in love with the cat and decide to adopt her, naming her Dobby.

Dobby was then taken to the doctor for a checkup, where she was believed to be roughly six weeks old and given a clean bill of health.

[caption id="attachment_12187" align="alignnone" width="750"] [caption id="attachment_12187" align="alignnone" width="845"]

Rowsey and Dobby were both overjoyed to have found each other.

What looked to be just another day on patrol turned into a life-changing experience for both of them. This adorable little tabby has found her everlasting home with a person who adores and cares for her.

And now look at her, she’s grown into such a lovely kitten.

[caption id="attachment_12190" align="alignnone" width="750"] Credit: Officer Rowsey

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